Mike Pence Tells Staff ‘Avoid Physical Contact’ Signaling 180 Reversal In White House Pandemic Policy


I wonder if Mike Pence is getting whiplash from the swift turnaround in what he was saying mere days ago about how extraordinary all the measures Trump was taking were and how there was nothing to worry about, with respect to the coronavirus pandemic. Today Pence sent out a memo to all White House staff advocating “social distancing” and “avoid physical contact.”

And remember just three days ago, when it was found out that all of the coronavirus meetings were classified, the NSC spokesman John Ullyot said that this administration “has cut red tape and set the global standard in protecting the American people under President Trump’s leadership.” Wasn’t that a great line? I’ll bet he’s self-quarantining in a broom closet somewhere right now, trying to live that one down.

You know that things are serious as a heart attack if Mike Pence is paying attention and attempting to keep it together. Axios:

Why it matters: This is the first staff-wide email Pence has sent across the complex during his time as vice president — and is the latest sign the White House is shifting its posture against the pandemic.

  • As recently as Thursday, Pence, who is leading the President Trump’s task force to combat COVID-19, told CNN he was still shaking hands with people at the White House.

  • On Friday before the nation’s TV cameras, Trump repeatedly shook hands with industry CEOs during a live press conference in the Rose Garden.

  • But on Saturday the president and his team began modeling different behavior — in line with public health official recommendations. Trump tweeted “SOCIAL DISTANCING!“, said he’d finally been tested for the coronavirus, suggesting that people should be cautious about shaking hands.

Trump’s tweeting about social distancing, telling people he got tested for covid-19 (although he claims that the test results will take days, when experts say they take hours) and now Pence is advocating behavior modification at the White House. And this is in less than a day. Kushner’s supermodel sister-in-law’s daddy must have really gotten some medical revelations from Daddy’s Facebook doctor friends for this to be happening. Or, do you suppose that the Trump administration has decided to listen to the experts? Could that be? Pence is backpedaling for some reason, and it’s a compelling one, whatever it is. The masks are coming off now, because Trump and Pence can’t keep up the lie.

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