Mike Pence Refers To Trump As ‘My Father’ In Fundraising Ad


The Trump/Pence campaign is fleecing passing the collection plate to the faithful, so that they can finance the miracle of a Trump reelection. To this end, they sent out their usual fundraising mailer, this time with a personal plea by the Pope of the Trump cult, none other than Mike Pence himself.

Choose the most likely explanation:

  1. Pence is calling Trump “my father” just like he calls his wife, “mother.” Pence is a very sick puppy.
  2. Pence is talking about God, his father. Pence just asked God, on your behalf, to forebear from smiting you in the ass with a lightning bolt. However, you’ve got one hour to do this, Jack, or an impatient God is going to let you know what he does with he who hesitates.
  3. Pence has got Trump and God confused. See, Chosen One, et. seq., et al.
  4. The incompetent phuques who run this campaign cut and pasted from the email of one of Trump’s idiot children, because the campaign is on fire, Parscale’s Death Star is offline, and everyone is running around the room screaming. So this is what you get under the circumstances. What, you think Trump’s reelection campaign is going to run any better than his presidency? Are you daft?

I say wonderful. There’s never enough fodder for attack ads. Just toss this on the pile outside, which is growing as tall and as fast as the You Can’t Make This Shit Up file did back in the early times.

The End Times are coming up soon enough, just not the way Mike Pence thinks.


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4 Comments on "Mike Pence Refers To Trump As ‘My Father’ In Fundraising Ad"

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Well ok; your father is going to sacrifice you alright. Hope you are able to repent to Father God for supporting a false deity.

chris whitley
chris whitley

What’s the matter? No donations rolling in. And you can cut the religious bullshit. Trumps about as religious as a fence post. And definitely dumb as one.


Freaking scary

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Well , we’ve always said Pence was the
“son of the devil”.
An “evangelical bullshitter “. Even
bleaching his hair to look the part !
So it’s not to far fetched to imagine
Trump’s being the devil.