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Mike Pence directed Air Force Two from Las Vegas to Indianapolis and took his entourage over to the stadium for the sole purpose of stomping his foot, walking out, and giving a press briefing on how upset he was that what he knew was going to happen, happened. It was planned and staged from the outset, with the knowledge of what was coming so clear that Pence had the press hang around outside to wait for his pre-generated outrage. Donald Trump has even tweeted the instructions he gave Pence to sit up the gag.

Which makes this bumbling excuse from Pence’s office just … pathetic.

If he hadn’t gone to the football game, he would have gone back to DC for the evening. Which would have cost Americans even more … except that makes no sense at all. The next destination for Mike Pence was LA where he attended a fundraiser. The idea that Mike Pence would have to fly back to Washington D.C. just to find somewhere to lay his head is beyond ludicrous. He was in Las Vegas. Was the city completely booked?

The whole trip to Indianapolis was not just a stunt, it was such an obvious stunt that even Pence is searching for an excuse.

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