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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Losing the election was one thing, but when you’ve lost Mike Huckabee?

Ouch. When Mike Huckabee has to tell somebody how to have class, it is a darker day than you know.

The Washington Post reported, “Half of voters said Trump was not a factor in determining their vote, while 27 percent said they voted for Moore to show support for the president and 19 percent said they voted for Jones to express their opposition to him.”

And of course Donald Trump knew exactly how this was going to go all along, “Go get ‘em, Roy!” notwithstanding.

“These swings can be seen in counties majority white and black, Republican and Democrat. And that means it couldn’t have just been a surge in African American turnout, or just rural Trump voters staying home, or just Republicans crossing over to vote for Jones. Jones’ campaign was able to achieve a combination of the three that drove him to victory. Despite it being an off-year special election in December, Jones got 92 percent of Hillary Clinton’s vote total. Moore just got 49 percent of Trump’s.” (Our graphics team produced some impressive visuals to show the results.)

Breitbart is very subdued today, reporting Trump’s tweets, no editorializing. Steve Bannon put Moore forward as his main candidate, who was to be the frontrunner in Bannon’s war on the GOP establishment.

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