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The battle lines are being drawn by the right wing and by Donald Trump. Yesterday Trump autographed pictures of people slain by illegal immigrants in his efforts to convince people that the country is under attack and immigrants are the enemy. This is unsurprising because terrorism and immigration were the main planks of Trump’s platform and Trump conflates the two. Virulent racism is the order of the day and it won’t surprise you that none other than Fox News spokesman and evangelical white supremacist Mike Huckabee sent this out into the world.

Huckabee’s post reflects the racist base’s posture.

The evangelicals are nothing if not ironic. This woman’s twitter profile says “Jesus First” and both she and Mike Huckabee are pulling some interesting responses.

It’s not just Hispanics. Recently a black professional woman was stopped by a white man and accused of trespassing in her own neighborhood. And a college professor in Houston of Asian descent received an anonymous harassing phone call, questioning her citizenship and patriotism. Disdain for intellectuals is part of fascism and the Trump cult, don’t forget.


“I’m a loyal citizen of the United States and I’m concerned that a lot of people think that getting a university degree in the United States makes them a citizen. Well it doesn’t…you’re not supposed to be a permanent fixture at an institution unless you’re a citizen. I don’t know if you have to swear an oath but I think they have you sign a statement that you’ll uphold the constitution of the United States and of the state that you’re in. How can you teach loyalty or promote patriotism, you’re teaching in the United States of America…we are a free and independent nation, not part of the New World Order and not part of the Global Society.

“We are a free country for a reason, the way our government is set up, the three branches of government, to protect any kind of dictatorship or any kind of see-ocracy [phonetic spelling; theocracy mispronouned?] we are to remain free and we will because loyal citizens of the United States will rise up and promote patriotism and spread the knowledge about how our government works and the people in our universities wanting to make this a global country along with China and the rest of them — well you better think again because we are completely different from any country on the earth and we are not going to be assimilated into a pagan and communist country. We want our freedom, we will remain free in this country. We are a Christian nation. Now people can believe how they want…

“I’m going to check with your, well I already did, check with your president’s office there, you’re not to be a permanent resident of the United States without loyalties to the United States, paying taxes, do you pay taxes? Do you have a social security card? I highly doubt it. I don’t see many of Chinese descent at H&R Block. or the tax stations in the different stores and things like that (garbled) get right with immigration. Now perhaps you’re a citizen. Usually people are that are proud of that and they have that on their biography and you don’t. Thank you for listening, I don’t need to call back.”

There’s a gang to fear all right, but it’s not an ethnic one.

If these are the guys keeping you awake at night, you’ve got the right idea.



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  1. Adolf, I mean Donald Duck wants “his” people loyal to HIM, his people huh? HIS PEOPLE loyal to him, Hitler had his Wehrmacht swear an oath to him, NOT Germany, but to him! Yea Ok I just got that same call yesterday I did a reverse number check, HIS people are working the phones out of Prague. LOL
    Get out and vote people, Let’s be our COUNTRY’S people again!


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