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Some time last week, Nicole Wallace noted that the women who continued to work for Trump  – given all that has come out regarding him and women – must be “dead inside.”Seems like a reasonable proposition, loving – even. After all, the alternative position is that the women that choose to work for this monster who prays on women, gives them all a number according to their body (Mike, I don’t want to make this hurt any worse, but your daughter, “Huck-Sand” as we know her here, earned a low “prime” number, in the truest sense, and since we’re talking “meat” – literally – I’m not talking USDA Prime.) the only worse thing my Nicole could have said was that these women are alive inside. Being alive, they would thus be aware of the pain they are causing and be truly evil beings, uncaring about the pain they  bring upon other women.

Regular readers of this column know that I have a small (nuclear powered) crush on Nicole Wallace. The crush explains why Mike is unavailable for an interview since he is tied to a tree, shivering, naked and wet, on a lonely county road 12 miles northwest of Jonesboro.  Because Mike already said some pretty mean things, punching up a couple weight classes in brain power, via Raw Story:

“I just don’t know what happened to Nicolle Wallace,” Huckabee said. “They must have done a liberal lobotomy on her. Because I’ve never seen somebody had such a personality change.”

“Such a personality change.”

Mike, I know someone who used to fly around the country attempting to persuade everyone he was this pious Evangelical Christian, one who likely be embarrassed to be seen at a Rated “R” movie.


But, now you support a president who pays porn stars a few thousand bucks to tag them in hotel rooms, all while his new wife and infant sonswait at home. He brags about grabbing married women by the “P,” and has recently complained to friends that the worst part of living in the White House is that he can’t access porn on all those government servers. One would think that a good Evangelical father would be very worried about his married daughter working for the man, but …well, no need to get nasty, we think that Huck-Sand is safe.

But, YOU are the one who qualifies for the “change in personality of the century, not my Nicole. While it is true that Nicole has likely become somewhat more liberal in her time among the populace outside the Trumplican party, the only ones who have abandoned any conservative roots are you and your daughter. There is nothing “conservative” about the way Trump is governing, nothing conservative in his principles (he doesn’t have any) naming conservative judges while demonizing liberals and the media, doesn’t make a person a conservative, Mike.

Jesus said that “if you want to be perfect, sell all your worldly possessions and give them to the poor, then follow me.” Trump does the opposite, he robs the poor, he’s a con, all to sit on a golden toilet and not pay subcontractors.

Mike, tell us when either Trump or you have sold anything you truly wanted and gave the proceeds to the poor, to follow Jesus, and then you can talk about personality changes. For now, just be thankful that my girlfriend gave your daughter (and the rest of the Trump women) the benefit of the doubt. Oh, and next time you diss Nicole? She might notice, and you’ll have someone who can really kick you around, on you.


***Amazing first week on Twitter, loads of support from all of you, many of you know that my wife is okay with my Wallace crush, bc she shares it a tiny bit, oh and there’s something about Keith Urban factoring in it somewhere. Regardless, thanks for all who have followed me, it’s an honor, keep it rolling. @MiciakZoom


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