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While giving too much light to failed religious-political operator Mike Huckabee is not necessarily the best policy, it is hard to ignore a blog post he penned on Tuesday, and put up on his personal website In it, like most Christian hypocrites, libertarians, and dark web intellectuals, he pins himself up onto a cross and pretends that criticism of politicians’ use of the phrase “thoughts and prayers,” is the equivalent of stopping people from actually thinking and “praying” about and for the families of people who have been directly impacted by gun violence. In the wake of the El Paso and Dayton shootings, Mike Huckabee wants you to know that he suspects he knows the real problem facing America. In fact, he suspects he knows the real root of the problem generating so much gun violence.

In fact, amid all the finger-pointing and blame-laying and repulsive attempts to turn these tragedies to political advantage before the bodies are even cold, I would posit that the lack of thought and prayers is probably the single biggest factor in what is behind them.

Not enough thoughts and prayers has led to our current gun violence epidemic. That’s the problem according to Mike Huckabee. From there, the deep thought machine Huckabee sets up a paper tiger argument that all these news outlets and democratic politicians are blaming Trump’s rhetoric but words cannot pull the trigger of a gun (I guess prayers and thoughts can pull or not pull a trigger?). This argument coming from any sentient human being is weak sauce to say the least. When this drivel of an idea oozes out of the mind and mouth of a man who says the LGBTQ community is the biggest threat our country is facing, while constantly sending out tweets and making statements like this one:

It’s hard not to spit into the dirt in contempt. Huckabee and his family aren’t funny, they are the reason that millions of young people have stopped praying to a Christian God. If one of your main emissaries on this physical plane is Mike Huckabee, you are not worth thinking or praying to.

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  1. In plain truth Huckabee’s , full of shit !
    …Stupid , is as stupid does . If GODS with huckleberry Huckabee , then God’s nuts .
    … He’s raised a daughter , that’s become one of the great lier’s . Blatantly defending Trump in his most “indefensible “ positions . And if Hucks God , has chosen the Jewish people as his favorite, he’s got to be )histories biggest) racist . , Jew’s , are less then 1/10 th of the world’s population , responsible for about 25 percent of the world’s problems.
    ..,,And considering there are about 7 billion in the world’s population, that would make Hickabee’s God , the biggest racist of all time . ….Huckleberry ‘s ) just another televangelist , begging for your money , because he says “ GOD IS BROKE “. While he lives in splendor . …
    …He’s a politician , lying is what they do best . …Save your money , or, even go to Vegas , you’ve got a better chance of winning.


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