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KXLF News Channel / YouTube

Sentencing is now unfolding… including inquiries about Treason and the Logan Act before the recess. Flynn cops to lying. Flynn’s lawyers seek delay because Judge Sullivan signals that prison time may be possible.

“A high-ranking official of the government” making false statements in the White House is a “very serious offense.”

This will be updated as the sentence drops, but plenty has occurred on the periphery, aside from Individual-1 wishing Flynn “good luck”. A small crowd burst into “God Bless America” when Flynn arrived.

A small intel detail revealed in the DoJ documents merited comment from the Russian military, more notable in how it was felt necessary, today.

MOSCOW, December 18. /TASS/. Russia’s Defense Ministry refuted media reports about the death of Director of Russia’s GRU military intelligence service Igor Sergun in January 2016 in Lebanon, calling this “conspiracy nonsense.”

“The rumors, disseminated at the suggestion of the US Justice Department, that Hero of Russia Col. Gen. Igor Dmitrievich Sergun died on January 3, 2016 while in Lebanon are conspiracy nonsense. Igor Dmitrievich was in Russia in January 2016,” the ministry said.

Note that this Chris Cox is the guy who had to get his t-shirts made in Haiti.

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