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Everybody is getting into the Ingraham-Hogg fray, including Michael Flynn, Jr., who opines that the reason David Hogg didn’t willingly accept the nice Nazi lady’s apology about his college prospects is because his parents didn’t smack him enough when he was a kid. Or something.

Remember this quote, June 6, 2017, ”Zulutym” (Flynn Senior) to his son: “The ability to speak multiple languages is an asset, but the ability to keep your mouth shut in any language is priceless.” Words of wisdom. Maybe Flynn Senior didn’t smack Junior enough, ya spose? Or maybe he smacked him too much and that’s why his brain is rattling?

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  1. The little creep would let his dad go down to protect his ass. He’s a coward who hides behind daddy. He’s not anywhere near in the same league with David Hogg.

    • You’ll get no argument here. I thought it was interesting from a psychological viewpoint that because he disagrees with Hogg, Hogg perforce was not “raised right.” As if Flynn Jr. would know what raised right was, being a co-conspirator with a traitor father. What a soap opera in Washington.

    • Flynn Jr. doesn’t seem to realize he lives in the proverbial glass house and can’t throw stones. His father isn’t exactly a paragon of virtue and I don’t think Junior can make the case for how perfectly he turned out either. Junior should just shut up. (Which is what Dad told him last summer.)

  2. Let’s make this short and sweet. Flynn Junior is a stupid nobody living off of daddy’s name. Hell if his name was HJoe Blow the media wouldn’t give him a second though. Flynn is stupid and it does no good to argue with stupid.


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