Mick Mulvaney Makes a Rat’s Ass of himself on the Sunday Shows


Slick Mulvaney was on the Sunday morning shows trying to put some lipstick on the pig called trump. He could not even get through Fox without making a complete ass of himself. Just acting smug and fact-free seems to be a favorite tactic of republicans to conquer the network airwaves.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Chris Wallace has some nice zingers. I suppose even he is fed up with the lying and deceiving.

I’m not reading between the lines. I’m reading the lines!

I promise you you’re wrong!

Race-free, fact-free …

Facts don’t matter in trump la-la-land.

Yeah, there is a pattern. Only the willfully blind cannot see it.

Bill Kristol in dreamland –

Here is the full interview with Chris Wallace –

Over on CBS, he rambled on with the usual psycho babble …

Even Chucky Todd, on his show, managed to get Rick Scott to say some moronic things, but needless to say he did not follow up.

We are Baltimore. They are Moscow?

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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Mulvaney can stop being a good little lap dog, he got his job. The problem he has is when Trump goes down (and he will) will he be able to pay the price.