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Thanks to Michigan political blog Eclectablog from bringing this story to our attention. Rep. Tim Walberg (MI-07) held a town hall in his district and although he had several crotchety supporters in the audience, he did take a few questions from constituents who were less-than-thrilled with his track record, particularly with this inept response (or lack thereof) to Donald Trump’s reckless tweeting and poor leadership.

During the question and answer period, one attendee described how angry she is with President Trump’s tweets. Rep. Walberg responded, “I can’t control his tweets. I have to answer to his tweets. I don’t like to answer to some of those tweets in all honestly, but I’m not the president. I can do what I’m supposed to do. So that’s what we’re going to do. And those of you that think there are impeachable offenses for tweets — come on! Get a life. Get a life. Get a life.

“Did you just tell us to get a life?!” one attendee asked incredulously.

“I did,” Walberg responded. “I did.”

“Why do you think we’re here?” the questioner shot back.

Sure, there is nothing specific in the Constitution about Twitter or tweets, but day in and day out, Donald Trump has proven himself to be uniquely and wholly unfit for office. His Twitter rants and ravings about Hillary Clinton, the NFL and whatever phony outrage he tries to stir up show a pattern of dereliction of duty, especially during a time when 3.5 million Americans are suffering in Puerto Rico, all of St. John’s island in the U.S. Virgin Islands remains without power, Florida and Texas are rebuilding and California is still on fire, with 7,000 structures burned and at least 42 lives lost. 

After Walberg told the people in the back to “get a life, get a life, get a life”—you could hear the rage from at least one constituent. The unknown constituent in the back wasn’t the only angry attendee. These Republicans are so very accustomed to strolling into these things and meeting with a handful of constituents who agree with their ideas. One Walberg supporter seemed to be extremely upset each time Walberg was challenged and he looked like he might actually blow a gasket around the 1:20 min mark of the video. So much so that Walberg had to tell his buddy, who he named directly, to chill out so he didn’t hurt himself.


Keep it up, folks. Turn up at every single one of the town halls and make your voice heard. The days of getting a free pass are over!

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