Remember Michele Bachmann? She is the former Republican member of Congress from Minnesota who asked God about whether or not she should run for Senate, and God said, “No.” Bachmann’s belief that we were in the “End Times” dates back about nine years at this point, so her general prognosticating has never been particularly good. It has been a few years since anybody was forced to care about what Michele Bachmann had to say about anything. But a couple of months ago, Bachmann started doing the rounds, figuring her Bible-y brand of bullshit is back in fashion.

In November, Bachmann proclaimed to Americans that “children have almost a zero-rate of dying from COVID,” and that “just when COVID is really being extinguished” we should not have children vaccinated against the virus that has killed just under 1 million Americans and more than 6 million people worldwide. She followed up that appearance by heading over to Fox News to praise Sarah Palin’s irresponsible appearance at a restaurant—after Palin tested positive for COVID-19.

I’ll give you one guess what happened next.

On Monday, Right Wing Watch posted videos of Bachmann’s November appearance calling for parents to deny their children the COVID-19 vaccination, along with another video from Sunday night’s “prayer call” where she failed to have her video on but was asked to report on “the plandemic” and “the great reset.” If you don’t know what any of those phrases mean, God bless you.

The general idea is that the COVID-19 pandemic is an orchestrated event being managed by deep state officials and other nefarious conspirators to bring about a collapse of the existing world order in order to replace it with a New World Order. I know it doesn’t sound very well-reasoned, but that’s it in a nutshell. It’s QAnon-cum-Christian eschatological nonsense. (There’s another nutshell for you.)

Listen to a breakdown of the May primaries on Daily Kos Elections’ The Downballot podcast with David Nir and David Beard

Well, Bachmann did not appear on camera because she “just [was] not suitable for camera.” Why? She’s got the COVID-19—you know, the extinguished plandemic virus that isn’t real, or is sort of real but not really as real as deep state officials would like you to believe.


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  1. How are so many mentally challenged people from 20 years ago still in the news? I figured they’d have been drying their hair while sitting in a bathtub or at very least reprimanded to their state hospitals for the long term by now? Oh well.


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