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During an appearance on MSNBC‘s “The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell” Monday night, filmmaker Michael Moore urged Americans to keep their eyes on the entirety of President Donald Trump’s policy agenda, even as “our attention is rightly on what’s going on in Virginia and around the country.”

“Please know that on every one of these days, Donald Trump is very busy doing a whole bunch of other things that we’re not paying attention to,” Moore said. “Today, Donald Trump’s [Environmental Protection Agency] did something that we’ll suffer from years from now. His Interior Department sold off land of ours to people who shouldn’t have it…Just go down all the cabinet departments. Every day there’s something going on.”

“Take this horror moment that we’re in and times it by 20, times it by 200. That’s what’s going on in every federal agency that’s under his control every single day,” Moore added.

Watch Moore’s full interview with O’Donnell:

Others echoed Moore’s call in the aftermath of the deadly violence perpetrated by white supremacists over the weekend. Vox‘s Matt Yglesias argued Monday that the “real things” Trump has gotten done often go unnoticed amid the bluster and erratic behavior.

Nearly all of these accomplishments—from making it easier for “mining companies to dump pollution into streams” to gutting an Obama-era rule that “would have made it illegal for financial advisers to deliberately rip off their customers”—”are overwhelmingly things that help incumbent businesses get over on the public interests,” Yglesias concludes.

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