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If you love baseball, especially if you grew up in Chicago, you’re familiar with the phrase “Tinker to Evers to Chance.” That was the killer double play infield combo for the Cubs in years long gone by. But we’re about to see another double play combination  Flynn to Kushner to Trump Jr.

Jared Kushner is as “Gomer Pyle” said in Full Metal Jacket, “Living in a world of shit.” Kushner is a fuck up. He’s a perfect son in law for Trump because just like Daddums, everything he touches turns to shit, a reverse Midas effect. Kushner’s kin had to dangle resident visas to Chinese investors because he overpaid for 666 5th Avenue, mostly because he had no experience in the cutthroat New York real estate market. And like a back room poker player in a bar in Topeka Kansas, he decided he was ready for the political World Series of Poker. Obviously New York real estate isn’t the only thing he didn’t know is ass from a hole in the ground about.

Michael Flynn is going to crucify Jared Kushner. Flynn was around from the earliest days, when pretty much the entire Trump campaign hierarchy was a mom and pop bodega, Trump, Lewandowski and his kids. Flynn didn’t make a name as an intelligence specialist without paying attention and collating information. And even during the campaign, Kushner was a presence, and The Donald wasn’t shy in his praise. 

Now you know exactly why Mueller’s investigators called Kushner in recently for a little fireside chat. Flynn was squealing like a pig, and Mueller wanted to get Kushner on record about things Flynn was talking about, for impeachment purposes. It wasn’t Mueller’s investigators that terminated the interview, Kushner decided he had nothing more to say. One can assume that Kushner didn’t like the direction the questioning was taking, so he copped a mope and fled.

If Kushner lied in his recent testimony to the Mueller crew, and Flynn can prove it, you can add lying to the FBI in that interview to lying on his SF86 form for his security clearance, as well as in previous interviews. It would be natural for a novice like Kushner to ask an expert like Flynn for guidance before going to Kislyak to try to set up that back channel to Moscow. And that’s just the start.

If Flynn puts the screws to Kushner, mark my words, Kushner will do exactly what his father before him did. He’ll try to fuck his brother in law over. Jared’s father went to federal prison for his incredibly inept attempt to set up his own brother in law by hiring a hooker to get him into a compromising position and having it taped. Think of that, his father paid money to put the horns on his own sister. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he was stupid enough to get caught at it!

Kushner has no illusions, he knows what federal prison looks like from the inside. He faithfully visited his father frequently when he was residing in Club Fed. I can pretty well guarantee you that Kushner has no designs to repeat his fathers accommodations. And personally, I find it hard to believe that Kushner will “take one for the team” here. They don’t serve coq au vin in the crossbar Hilton. Ask yourself this. Would any moral person, like you, be comfortable being in a family of odern day Captain Jack Sparrow’s if your own moral and philosophical bent didn’t lean that way?

Kushner was family. But none of them, including Ivanka are his blood kin. God knows Trump trusted him, and that would have engendered trust from Don Jr, after all, Daddy knows best. Kushner was in that meeting with the Russians at Don Jrs request. I find it hard to believe that Don Jr didn’t brag much more extensively about his connection with Wikileaks to Jared than he did in an e-mail to staff. And now, Jared will hammer him like a 10 penny nail with it, to make Trjmp redux the heavy for every single thing that happened.

While I still find it hard to believe that the GOP dominated House will initiate impeachment hearings before the 2018 midterms, solely to try to not piss off Trump’s manic base, once that is over with, especially if the GOP gets taken to the cleaners next November, all bets are off. And if Flynn nails Kushner, and Kushner steamrolls Donnie Jr, all bets will be off, especially in the Senate where 20+ Republicans have to run in 2020. They are going to want to wrap themselves in the cloak of “country before politics” as quickly as possible, and hope the stench has receded before they have to face the voters. Don’t touch that dial.

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