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And the hits just keep on coming, don’t they? Retired (and now disgraced) General Michael Flynn has always been a key to the Trump-Russia investigation. he is also a weather vane of where the investigation has gone, and is going. He was the first confirmed Trump surrogate/appointee to be outed for having discussions for Russians, and the first to lie about it. He was the first to lie about acting on behalf of a foreign government, and the first to be proven of acting on behalf of a foreign government. But now, it is beginning to appear that Mike Flynn may not just be a key to the Trump-Russia investigation, he may turn out to be the keystone.

Hey, how about a little levity before we get to the serious shit? Q: According to the Trump administration, why was Michael Flynn fired? A: For lying to Vice President Mike Pence about his dealings with Russia. Seriously?!? Lying to freakin’ Mike Pence? Who in their right mind wouldn’t lie to Mike Pence? It seems like lying to Mike Pence is a second national pastime, after baseball. Lying to Mike Pence is like faking throwing a ball for your dog, and then laughing your ass off when he races across the yard. And the best part of it is, when you lie to Mike Pence, not only does he run across the yard, when he gets there, he acts like he actually caught the fucking ball! Lying to Mike Pence is not a reason to fire Mike Flynn, it’s a reason to counsel his to quit teasing the moron.

But now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Look, let’s call a spade a spafe, shall we? Mike Flynn is toast. When Mike Flynn was caught taking a cool have a mil as a consultant for Turkey during the Trump campaign, and lying about it, he was forced to retroactively register as an agent under the Foreign Agent Registration Act. Paul Manafort was forced to do the same thing, and yet, when he was indicted by Bob Mueller, one of the things they slapped him with was a violation of the FARA act. So it only stands to reason, no matter what else they may be investigating Flynn for, they already have a made to order indictment on him. Two things about that. One, the simple act of retroactively registering is a mea culpa admission of guilt. If you weren’t actually acting as a foreign agent, you wouldn’t have to come back later and basically say, “OK, ya caught me, here’s your stupid form.” But swecond, and more importantly, in an investigation like this, getting nailed for a violation of the FARA act is like having the cops bust you for a quarter ounce of pot. It keeps you on the hook while they finish their murder investigation on you. A FARA indictment is like the arugula salad while you’re waiting for your prime rib to get to the table.

Take my advice,watch the upcoming Flynn indictment(s).If the only thinigs that Mike Flynn gets indicted on are a violation of the FARA act, and perjury in his testimony to the FBI, the Trump administration will go on a three day bender in relief. Reporting right now is that Team Mueller is actively investigating claims that Flynn was in direct negotiations with Turkish officials to covertly use his position as the National Security Advisor of the United States to actively promote and/or perform actions beneficial to theTurkish government, allegedly including removing a legal permanent resident of the United States, by either legal or illegal means, and returning hi to Turkey. If Mueller can nail down enough evidence to actually charge Flynn with any aspect of that allegation, the the Trump administration, and even the Orange Tufted Poodle himself have really and for truly fornicated the canine.

The problem for Trump in this is that, like so many things in life, your words and actions are ultimately determined by perception. Whether of not you and your word are trusted depends on whether or not the listener believes your words and actions are what you say that they are. Right now, the Trump and GOP line is that there is no actual “evidence” of collusion with Russia. This assertion is currently creaking like the door in a grade B horror movie, but it’s holding up. But, what is Russia? Forget the “Axis of Evil” shit, Russia is nothing more or less than a foreign power. Guess what, so is Turkey. A foreign power is a foreign power. If Bob Mueller can caome up with enough proof that Michael Flynn, acting as an appointed, and sworn member of the Trump administration, conspired and collulded with a foreign government to undertake actions detrimental to the United states, and for pay no less, what difference does make which foreign power is involved? If your wife comes to belileve, for whatever reason, that you had an affair with your secretary, why wouldn’t she be perfectly willing to believe that you had taken a turn with the babysitter too?

Right now the GOP and the Trump administration are desperately clinging to the life raft of no evidence of collusion. And while the testimony in front of congressional committees so far, and the allegations coming out of the Mueller investigation are certainly damning, they neither prove, nor claim to prove actual collusion or coordination with a foreign power, Trump can get away with it. But, if Robert Mueller comes out and says, “I have enough evidence to prove in court that Michael Flynn conspired, both as a confirmed Trump surrogate, and also as the National Security Advisor, to act on behalf of a foreign power, for personal and/or political gain”, what happens to perception? Shit, if you’d do a kneel-and-bob for Erdogan, why wouldn’t you do it for Putin as well?

To be sure, there are other promising leads that Mueller is following, including Donnie Redux’ June 2016 Trump Tower meeting, and now his communications with Wikileaks. But Flynn has been under the Mueller microscope the longest. These things are being leaked now for a reason, to Put pressure on Trump and other prospective witnesses, but also I believe because Mueller already has most of what he needs to make them stick. And if Mueller indicts Flynn for actual conspiracywith a foreign government, the dominoes are going to start falling for Trump.

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