Michael Cohen’s Book. Hardly Disloyal.

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Something to think about:  Michael Cohen’s book appears to make it seem like he has turned on Trump because Cohen has seen the error of both his and Trump’s ways.

But it is equally, or more probably likely that it was written to deflect
his link to the possible acts of Treason that Trump (may have) committed,
with regards to his (alleged) subservience to Russia/Putin…

Which Michael knows more about than anyone, other than Trump,
and which Michael fears may be far more insidious than what he himself
was involved in for Trump…

Because no one but Trump knows what Trump discussed with Putin
in his repeated lengthy phone calls as President, or via the backdoor
computer network that Trump installed in Trump Tower…

Potentially related to American defense secrets, such as locations
of nuclear arms, submarines, etc. The possibilities are sickening,
and if the CIA or NSA has wire-tapped Trump’s phone, or rooms,
there may ultimately be life sentences or even the death penalty
playing out in the future.

Given the fact that Trump is (apparently) in debt to the amount
of $400,000,000 dollars to Russians, the fact that he knows so much
about our defense secrets makes him all the more likely to offer that
to Putin in exchange for loan forgiveness.

From what little I have read about “Disloyal” it doesn’t make Trump any
uglier than what is broadly known, but it does serve to distance Cohen
from Trump without divulging anything that might upset Putin…

Because that in itself is a death penalty in the world that Cohen was
a player.

Being poisoned, beaten, shot, or thrown off of a building is SOP for
anyone the Russian/Mafioso Government is unhappy with.

Cohen’s book walks a fine line between saving his own neck, w/o
shedding any form of light on Trump’s Russian links.

In other words, a nothing burger, and hardly disloyal.



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4 Comments on "Michael Cohen’s Book. Hardly Disloyal."

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It is boring. He keeps trying to explain why he did the horrible things he did for donnie. I do not know about anyone else. I am not buying it. Also I didn’t buy the book . Borrowed it and will pass it on to someone else.


I liked the book. It was honest on his part to examine how the hell he got himself into such bad company. I give him credit for explaining his side of the story. He’ll never live it down but he is trying to reverse course. I give him points.

Maryly Turner
Maryly Turner

I’m 1/2 way through the book. Trump is exactly like Cohen described him. A very, very evil man

Maryly Turner
Maryly Turner

Michael Cohen described Trump exactly as he is..a very, very evil person.