Whatever Donald Trump tees up tonight, and the rest of the week at his televised grievance fest, masquerading as the Republican National Convention, the commercial breaks will throw a wet blanket on everything. Former DHS Chief of Staff Miles Taylor is featured in an ad, which is set to run on the Fox News channel, and that will be the warm up act for this bomb from Michael Cohen.

Trump’s base is probably impervious, but how about the Independents? Or, maybe as some pundits have said, nobody is undecided at this point in time. If that’s the case, then just watch the pro-Trump forces slug it out with the anti-Trump forces. Let the games begin.

Remember when Paul Ryan cancelled the GOP vote on Obamacare repeal, because he didn’t have the votes in his own caucus? And everybody laughed and quoted from Hamilton? Maybe that will be the theme song for Trump at the end of the day, “You don’t have the votes.” A vote against Trump is a vote for America.

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