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Today in uncomfortable metaphors: former Trump fixer Michael Cohen says his old boss is in for some proctological discomfort.

The Washington Post reports that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance’s investigation into former President Donald Trump is heating up. Last month, Vance’s office received Trump’s tax records and began digging through the millions of pages of financial records from the past decade.

Including the Manhattan inquiry, the Post reports at least six ongoing investigations that could involve Trump, as well as 29 lawsuits in which he or one of his companies is named as a defendant.- ADVERTISEMENT -

“The sheer volume of these legal problems indicates that … Trump has fallen to a point of historic vulnerability before the law,” writes the Post. Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney and longtime fixer who was convicted of campaign finance violations and fraud in 2018, seems to agree.

Cohen called Vance’s investigation “a proctological exam of the highest order.” “The level of review is unprecedented in Trump’s corporate history,” he said.

Previously, Cohen predicted the inquiry would end in jail time for the former president, saying Trump ought to start shopping for a “custom made jumpsuit” because “it does not look good for” him. Cohen has spoken with Vance’s investigators seven times, but is not privy to all the specifics that may be found in Trump’s financial documents.

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