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It’s another day ending in a “y” which means that Michael Avenatti is hot to bring Donald Trump to justice. This morning Avenatti said that his investigation into other women who had signed NDAs and been paid hush money by Trump was bearing fruit. Newsweek:

Speaking to MSNBC Thursday, Avenatti said there were now two women with solid cases who would soon be revealed.

“There’s at least two that I think are on solid ground,” he told Morning Joe. “As the evidence rolls out in the coming months, disclosures are going to be made that my client was not alone as it relates to these payments.”

Pressed by the show’s hosts about whether the women allege they had agreements with Trump and Cohen and if they claim to have had affairs or sex with the president, Avenatti responded in the affirmative on both counts. He also said that the payments were larger than those made to Daniels.

Now while this is going on, Fox News is of course doing its damnedest to paint Avenatti as black and so far he’s not even a pale shade of grey. The attorney representing Tulley’s Coffee, a business in which Cohen used to have a controlling interest, has reported him to the State Bar of California, ho hum. Fox News:

The complaint itself was filed in late March by attorney David Nold of Bellevue, Wash., regarding Avenatti’s role in purchasing Tully’s Coffee several years ago through an entity called Global Baristas.

But Avenatti told Fox News on Wednesday that the complaint is “completely baseless” and called Nold an “unethical hack of a lawyer.”

Nold, who filed the initial complaint, represents Bellevue Square, which has been in a landlord-tenant dispute with Tully’s Coffee. The Superior Court for the State of Washington found Nold to be in “contempt of court” following an “intentional disobedience of a court order.” Nold disclosed Avenatti’s deposition transcript to The Seattle Times, according to a court filing obtained by Fox News.

“The court ruled that I should not have given the full Avenatti deposition transcript to the news media,” Nold told Fox News last week. “The court found nothing wrong with sending the bar complaint.”

If this weak tea is the worst threat to Avenatti he will continue to sail right along. Here’s Avenatti’s bottom line:

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  1. Just garbage. He is exemplary at his job and the Cons think he can be silenced by some hack trying to rehash a failed business. How many failed businesses and lawsuits have trump had or anyone of those clowns on fox. If Avenatti wanted to be spiteful, I am sure he could find so many previous or ongoing suits against Trump and these Fox lemmings that could keep the courts busy till 2020. Like we care what his history is, not like he is running for president. They didn’t care when they elected Trump or when trump appointed all those incompetent women beaters in his cabinet. Report on the real villain that is destroying the world , Trump.


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