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Jacob Wohl’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad winter is about to get a lot worse. In case you missed it, the comical “documentary” Wohl and Laura Loomer crafted about Ilhan Omar appears to capture him making a false police report about a death threat he supposedly got on Twitter. It turns out that the “threat” came from a Twitter account previously flagged as a Wohl bot.

But in the process, Wohl may have dug himself an even deeper hole. It turns out that the bot’s profile pic is that of a real person—Minneapolis realtor Aaron Delgado. NBC’s Ben Collins managed to get a word with him.

Delgado was seriously considering whether to consult with an attorney. By Friday, he’d managed to land the services of a very high-profile attorney—Michael Avenatti.

Avenatti had already dropped some pretty loud hints that he was getting involved in the case earlier in the day.

Clearly, Avenatti and Delgado are out for blood. And they should be. Delgado almost had his reputation destroyed because some random troll happened on Delgado’s picture while scouting out profile pics for his bots.

It looks like Wohl is going to have his life destroyed well before he’s 30. It will be what he deserves, and then some.

Since this made the rec list, I thought I’d mention that Jacob’s dad, David, still bills himself on Twitter as Jacob’s “proud dad.” You’re proud of a guy who almost wrecked the reputation of an innocent man? No wonder your son turned out to be a prick.

The potential charges Wohl faces, per several commenters: false reporting, wire fraud, identity theft. He’d better be very afraid.

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