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Michael Avenatti’s declaration a few months ago that he was running for president as a Democrat, was seen at the time as an epic Trump troll, and applauded by many for same. Now Avenatti is saying that he’s running for real and that puts matters in a different light altogether. Daily Beast:

“This idea that this is a superficial thing is ludicrous,” Avenatti said. “It is so ridiculous. I don’t need to engage in a superficial exploration of a potential run. Why would I need to do that? I don’t need any more notoriety. Why would I be wanting to take my time and energy traveling the country to raise money for Democrats if this was superficial?”

Avenatti stressed that his expenditures and exploratory travel would only ramp up in the weeks and months ahead, with stops planned for Texas, California, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, along with longer-term plans to visit Iowa, Ohio, and Nevada.

Avenatti is a divisive figure among Democrats. Some appreciate his stature as the anti-Trump, his ability to give back to Trump what Trump dishes out. On the other hand, quite a number of Democrats were dismayed at how he handled his client Julie Swetnick coming forward during the recent confirmation hearings on Brett Kavanaugh, with new allegations, arguing that he had simply given ammunition to the Republicans to accuse Democrats of a political hit job.

“Mr. Avenatti has a tendency to sensationalize and make his various crusades more about himself than about getting at the truth,” said a senior Senate Democratic aide. “This moment calls for the exact opposite.”

On a practical level, Avenatti’s PAC has raised only a ludicrously small amount of money, nowhere near enough for any kind of serious political run, and moreover, it too is a subject of controversy.

Though Fight PAC had raised a relatively small $11,907.98 so far, Avenatti said that fundraising was “coming along pretty well.” He had not hired anyone permanently for his committee. But, he added, “I’m consulting with a number of people.” […]

Even his PAC, in its early stages, has been the subject of some backlash as Avenatti recently tweeted a fundraising appeal for Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s (D-TX) Senate campaign that, in fact, directed half the contributed money to Fight PAC.

Avenatti has accused Democrats of being “too weak” and “clueless,” as he’s traveled to Iowa and New Hampshire and talked to Democrats there. He believes that he knows what is a winning approach, and what the people want.

One thing is for certain: just like Trump, Avenatti represents a unique style, a departure from what we’ve come to expect from politicians. Also like Trump, he lacks governing experience, although as a top tier lawyer, he at least understands law and government in far greater depth than the faux business mogul in the White House.

Avenatti will undoubtedly do good in the next few weeks for the Democrats, especially when he holds his Resistance Rally in Texas at the same time that Trump holds his rally for Ted Cruz, October 22 in Houston. How Avenatti’s presence on the political scene will affect the Democrats in the long run only time will tell.

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