Twitter, never one to miss a beat, collapsed right on top of dear Donnie.

Another day in Trumpworld, another meme. And it’s not even noon in Washington.

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    • Somebody had to have written that for him. “Artistically designed?” As if he would know something tasteful if he saw it? Of all of the topics in Trumpworld, the infamous wall is the biggest joke.

  1. this is from a story in the Business Insider…

    U.S. Air Force Veteran Brian Kolfage set up a GoFundMe campaign on Monday asking for supporters to pitch in to pay for the wall. In 48 hours, the campaign has already received more than $750,000 in donations. More than 11,400 supporters have donated. At one point in Wednesday, the campaign was raising $1,000 each minute.
    “If the 63 million people who voted for Trump each pledge $80, we can build the wall,” the campaign’s GoFundMe page reads. “That equates to roughly 5Billion Dollars [sic], even if we get half, that’s half the wall. We can do this.”

    Ok, is it just me when I read this and think yeah, in a year we’ll all hear, read, or see it on TV how this “triple-amputee veteran” swindled millions of dollars from a bunch of ignorant fools??? Do ya think???


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