Mexico May Seek Extradition of El Paso Shooter to Face Terrorism Charges.


(Above – Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard)

Six Mexican citizens were killed in the El Paso Walmart shooting Saturday and they are not happy about it.

KGNS TV Laredo

“MEXICO CITY, MX (NBC) – In the wake of the El Paso mass shooting, Mexico says it will take legal action to protect Mexican citizens and Americans of Mexican descent in the United States.

Marcelo Ebrard condemned the shooting calling it an “Act of barbarism.”
He said Mexico’s priority is attending to the impacted families.

He added that at the direction of the Mexican president he plans “Prompt, expeditious and forceful legal actions” to demand the protection of Mexicans in the United States.

There is video at the linked page, but I can’t embed it here.

But I did find this interesting report on YouTube:

That should present an interesting dilemma for drumpf.

How his troglodyte base will howl if one of their own is offered up to Mexico, who will not give a flying f*** about what a “quiet, nice” white boy he was, only that he murdered six of its citizens and many of their descent.

What will it be Mr. White-Nationalist-in-Chief?

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See told you unnecessary war!


Understandable. Many nationals come across every day to work or to shop. The like the Walmarts.