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Donald Trump doesn’t have the basic manners and awareness of others that most people leave junior high school with, let alone those befitting a head of state. Mexico has recently been rocked by natural disasters of its own, namely a hurricane and the most powerful earthquake to strike the region in a hundred years. Donald Trump has not addressed these issues and Mexico is miffed. Daily Beast:

Mexico’s government has rescinded its offer to provide aid to Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey, the country’s foreign ministry announced Monday. Since offering the aid last month, Mexico has sustained serious damage from Hurricane Katia and from a major earthquake, neither of which President Donald Trump has acknowledged. As a result of Katia and the earthquake, “the Mexican government will channel all available logistical support to serve the families and communities affected in the national territory,” the foreign ministry announced. The ministry’s statement also took subtle aim at the U.S. government’s lackluster communications with Mexico, noting that it took the U.S. nine days to respond to Mexico’s offer of aid after Hurricane Harvey and that the U.S. had declined all but some logistical support from Mexico.

Mexico is our good neighbor to the south and she does not deserve this kind of treatment. Mexico already retaliated against Trump and his insults earlier this year by establishing an agricultural agreement with Argentina. Starting next year Mexico will be buying 100% of her corn, rice, wheat and soy from Argentina duty free. In exchange Mexico will ship cars to Argentina, duty free. This will taken away $13Billion annually from American farmers. If this is how Donald Trump “Makes America Great Again” I would sure hate to see what he might do to sabotage America and put the country on its ass.

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