Amy Siskind summarizes AG Merrick Garland’s complete failure to do his job and serve the interests of justice as America’s lawyer. At every turn, he defends fascists like Donald Trump, now going so far as to continue Barr’s corrupt practice of protecting Trump from the defamation suit filed by the woman he allegedly raped.

We did not vote so our tax dollars would be spent defending Trump from the consequences of his actions. We did not vote so the President of the United States would be above the law. President Biden promised exactly the opposite — that no no one, not even the President, would be above the law.

Either Biden was lying when he said that, or he needs to demand Garland’s resignation and replace him with someone who truly will do the People’s work and pursue Trump to the fullest extent of the law instead of defending his ass at every odious turn.

At this point I’m almost glad he’s not on the Supreme Court. Garland’s feckless cowardice would have served our country poorly.


There is this moment that comes up a lot in videos of the Trump/Barr attack on peaceful protesters in DC. There’s a cop who rolls up to a journalist and just slams him in the body with his riot shield. That’s what Garland is defending. That’s what Garland is saying is appropriate for a President to do and order. He took an oath, and is in violation of that oath. He must resign.

Tuesday, Jun 8, 2021 · 3:55:58 PM +00:00 · Madisonian

Boy, there’s a whole lot of apologia happening in the comments. I’ll just repeat what I said to the guy who tried to equate this post with actual fascist writings —

You don’t defend the office of the President by defending a President’s corrupt acts while in that office.

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