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Even though I detest social media on principle, I must admit that there are times that I absolutely love Twitter! After being chained to silence for so long by the legal implications of his big mouth, I already knew that The Pampers President would not be able to restrict himself to just good, old fashioned spiking the football following Stormy Daniels’ defamation lawsuit being thrown out of court. But even I didn’t expect the depth to which Trump would sink in searching for the Titanic of sleaze,

Really? “Horseface” is the best that the sitting President of the United States can come up with to describe a fellow citizen and constituent of his? Yo’ll notice that His Lowness completely ignored the fact that within 90 minutes of the decision being announced, her third rate lawyer had already filed his appeal. Fortunately, Ms Clifford actually graduated third grade, and so her discourse is far higher;

Game. Set. Match. By tying Trump’s affair with her to his “horseface” insult, she is able to put in a dig hinting at his penchant for bestiality. This is the Da Vinci of trolling! The reference to “Game on, Tiny” is a clear challenge to El PEndejo Presidente to come on out and play. Trump was mistaken all of those years ago, when he said that avoiding catching the clap at Studio 54 was his personal Vietnam. Stormy Daniels is going to end up being trump’s personal Vietnam, bogging him down eternally in a war that he can’t possibly win.

This is exactly why I said from the start that the Kavanaugh “dead cat” bounce wouldn’t last the 30 days to the election. Most non Trombie Trump supporters, while they love what he’s doing, wish more than anything that he’d disable his Twitter account. Donald John Trump is the poster child for why they monitor their own kids social media activity. It wasn’t a 400 lb guy sitting on his bed that hacked Hillary’s e-mails, turns out that guy is busy calling an adult film star “horseface” at 3 in the morning.

This is every GOP candidates nightmare writ large. Trump is already 30 points underwater with women, and is campaigning exclusively on making this election a referendum on him.  What woman who isn’t Cindy Crawford has not been called an insulting name in their lifetime. And what woman who is Cindy Crawford hasn’t been snidely called a HBD (Human Barbie Doll), or “plastic,” or “anorexic,” or some other form of dismissal for their exceptional attractiveness? Women don’t even have to approve of Ms Daniels, or her profession, to empathize instinctively with her for the treatment she’s getting from the Toddler in Chief..

So please, Democrats, I’m begging you, put a cork in it. Don’t say a word about Stormy Daniels, and Trump’s infantile behavior. Just keep right on talking about healthcare, and Social Security, and education, and the moronic tax giveaway for the rich. In one blistering tweet, Stormy Daniels showed that she’s got this nailed. The less you say about Trump, the more you free him up to concentrate on his next kindergarten response to a woman who has more Twitter skills for breakfast than Trump has all day. Just sit back, nuke up the popcorn, enjoy the show, and reap the benefits. It’s that simple



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