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Melania Trump’s parents were granted U.S. citizenship Thursday, their immigration attorney announced.  Michael Wildes told CNN that as of February, his clients were living in the US on green cards, quite possibly taking advantage of the same “chain migration” process of immigration that Trump is trying to squash.

Having green card status allows people to live and work in the US indefinitely and paves the way for citizenship.  Wildes did not clarify how Melania’s parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, 73 and 71 respectively, got their green cards which raises the idea that they were likely sponsored by Melania Trump.  This is a practice referred to by Trump as “chain migration” or family-based migration, which he has frequently railed against as part of his anti-immigration platform.
As with all things Trump, rules apply to everything except him and his family.
About the fact that Melania’s parents gained citizenship status…

I think their daughter said it best, don’t you?


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