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Melania Trump shared her dream of spending Christmas on a deserted island with the young patients of Children’s Hospital — but she did say that she would take her family with her. USA Today:

“I would spend my holidays on a deserted island, tropical island with my family,” she said.

Her favorite Christmas song is “O Holy Night.” Her favorite family Christmas tradition is eating dinner on Christmas Eve before they attend midnight Mass or worship services on Christmas Day, followed by another family dinner. “On the 25th, Santa comes. We open the presents and spend time together.”

“Healthy food” is her favorite thing to eat for Christmas dinner. “You feel very good after. Not too much eating,” she said. “The most important part is to spend time with the family.”

So what does she want from Santa for Christmas?

“I asked Santa for Christmas, uh, peace on the world, health love and kindness,” the first lady said.

We would like some peace on the world too, Melania, and once you and your brood are out of town we will finally get it. It can’t happen soon enough.

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