Johnny Virus-seed and his wife, Malaria, have done all they can to spread Christmas cheer and COVID in the past couple of months, and just because we’re about to shove DJT out to sea on an ice floe, that doesn’t mean they can’t keep disseminating freedom phlegm (in lieu of stimulus checks) throughout the land.

Of course, thanks to our pestilent POTUS, Melania has already had COVID-19, but that doesn’t guarantee immunity, and needless to say, one should respect the mitigation protocols of one’s host. Then there’s that whole “being a good example” thing that the auteur of the highly ironic #BeBest campaign really should adhere to if she wants to be remembered for more than a designer “f*#k-you” jacket.

But, alas, these are the Trumps, and being a Trump essentially means being a solipsist.

The Hill:

First lady Melania Trump took off her mask to read to children at the Children’s National Hospital on Tuesday, breaking state and hospital rules that require visitors wear a mask.

The first lady has visited the hospital every year during her time in the White House, according to CNN.

Trump entered the hospital wearing a mask, but took it off after sitting in front of the Christmas tree while practicing social distancing, according to the news outlet.

The hospital’s policy states, “Everyone must wear a mask at all times while in any Children’s National facility to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Ah, but children are totally immune, right? I think I heard that once — either from a guy on the subway masturbating to a dog-eared dot-matrix printout of Brigitte Nielsen or from the actual president of the United States. I forget which, honestly. Either way, it was wrong information and really made no sense at all.

Anyway, what you see in that clip is a photo op for COVID, not a heartwarming gesture from our first lady.

These fools can’t leave soon enough.

36 days.

Hope most of us make it without croaking.


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