I cannot tell a lie. Melania chopped down the cherry trees and made the Rose Garden all white — make of that what you will. Melania promised “a significant renewal” of the Rose Garden in July. Today that “renewal” was unveiled. You see what you think of it.

This is basically raping the land, but it doesn’t surprise me in the least coming from the mentality of the people who currently infest the People’s House. Do you recall this debacle?

US First Lady Melania Trump walks through Christmas decorations in the East Wing as she tours holiday decorations at the White House in Washington, DC, on November 27, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

This looks like something out of a horror movie. But stark and barren appear to be Melania’s tastes. She has no chic. This is the woman who went on a state visit to the UK and greeted the queen barelegged and didn’t know enough to take her hat off upon entering the palace. She didn’t know that you don’t greet the Queen of England dressed like a Piccadilly tart and that you don’t wear a hat inside someone’s home. And then later she put on that bizarre yellow gown that made her look like something out of a road show of Beauty & the Beast.

These people can’t leave soon enough. They are trash with cash.

At least the Christmas decorations could be removed. The trees and flowers that were destroyed in the Rose Garden are another matter altogether.

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  1. The trees are gone…what…this is…okay Jill needs to rip this shit up and plant some more trees and I will assist her.

  2. How much did this cost at a time children are hungry, people are dying from covid19, unemployment is causing evictions? She is as soulless as her husband. Would someone please give her a book about Eleanor Roosevelt that shows how a first lady acts during a disaster. She showed her true intentions when she wore that I don’t care jacker when she allegedly went to check on the children torn from their families.She hides out in our white house and does nothing for our country. She is not the first lady. Also we are still waiting for documents that she.was here legally. She promised to release them four years ago. Her xmas decorations were horrible and looked expensive. It must be nice to waste the people’s money however you want. She said she would be like Jackie Kennedy. Sorry you don’t even come close. Mrs Kennedy was a lady with class and brains. You have no class.

  3. No appreciation of nature, beauty or history. This is what cold stupidity looks like. Trumps do things for no other reason; because they can and can get away with it. Trump plays Golf while decisions are being made and Americans are dying. These people are soulless and heartless.

  4. I thought that the money to do this was part of the COVID relief bill that was never approved before Congress left town?? I always assumed it was just a cover to make hundreds of millions of dollars mysteriously disappear, like the $137 million from the inauguration. So what did this cost, where did the money come from, and where did it go, and why in hell would this project be approved when Trump and the Tramp will be out of D.C. in 4 months??

  5. Hello. As I recall, none of the present first lady’s projects have been greeted with applause.
    Rose garden photos. Look like a green paved parking lot.
    I vaguely remember song …they took down paradise and made a parking lot……
    Someone, please help out with exact words and credits

    • Big Yellow Taxi — Join Mitchell

      Don’t it always seem to go
      That you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone
      They paved paradise
      And put up a parking lot

      They took all the trees
      And put ’em in a tree museum
      And they charged the people
      A dollar and a half just to see’em

      First sung in 1970… and more true today than ever before…

  6. Why would anyone take down healthy beautiful cherry trees? The Rose Garden didn’t need improving. Colorful roses more beautiful than all white with a little pink something thrown in, it looks like. I wouldn’t have thought the First Lady would have oversight of such an historical garden that’s been that way since before the early 1960’s.

  7. Melania you took away history. Is it because you don’t know what history is. So sad you destroyed our founding fathers legacy.

  8. How can the historical society allow this to happen? So the First Lady has the authority to do whatever she wants to the grounds of our house, the White House?
    It’s just more evidence of her lack of taste, and class. Obviously she has no taste, she married a total douche.

  9. Mrs. Kennedy had a real education, spoke more than one language fluently and had the best interests of her family, her husband and the country at heart. She was a true helpmate to her husband, often assisting with research and editing his writing. Her successor, Mrs. Johnson, another well educated and thoughtful woman, continued the White House committee Mrs. Kennedy started, to refurbish the White House with important historical content, including the furniture, wallpaper and even the various presidents china patterns, as well as continuing the beautiful historically important landscaping. Both did this using donor not taxpayer money and Mrs. Johnson continued Mrs. Kennedy’s involvement, as much as Mrs. Kennedy was able during her widowhood with two small children to raise, to make sure that Mrs. Kennedy’s excellent ideas were continued even after President Kennedy’s death. I am sure that both women, as my grandmother would say, are spinning in their graves.


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