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It seems that the humiliation Il Douche is facing with Stormy is also being tolerated by Melania, after hearing about her lecherous husband’s infidelities.

It seems like a no-brainer.  If you can no longer stand to be in the same room (or state) with someone, you are most likely and very unsurprisingly, going to consider leaving the asshole as-fast-as-humanly possible.  Because, (and I speak from experience) when you’re done, you’re DONE.  Melania not being seen with the Trumpster = DONE.  Melania recently decided to meet her hubby on Air Force One before Barron’s school break, avoiding any photo-ops and forcing the media to claim that the sole reason for her travel was that she is very “independent”. Sure, if by independent, you mean “I hate you’re f*#ing guts, that is most likely true…

Yet, despite all this, Melania appears reluctant to leave the Asshole-in-Chief, even with his womanizing and disgusting behavior. According to US Weekly “all eyes are on her relationship with her husband. It’s not an easy time for her.”  Sure, reading about her husband being bitch-slapped with a magazine by a porn star could not have been easy.  And knowing a Playboy playmate was screwing with him at the same time could not have been easy either.   With all the accusations, it also couldn’t be that she doesn’t believe that it was a lie and Wee Donny can’t believe that he can actually threaten Melania with mafia-style thugs, so why is she staying?

None of us (meaning the collective female of any age)  doubts that the accusations are true because 1) we are female and 2) because of the fact of #1, we (meaning the collective female of any age) know that Trump-like-man-pigs really and truly exist.  The pigs who look at you in a way you know thinking all the wrong things, the ones that always “trade up” with blondes and big breasts when their bank accounts tell them they are worthy…And in the case of DT, I feel fo’ sho’ that if I went out and bought some double, okay TRIPLE D’s, I could sleep my way to the top of the Trump Empire.  Just sayin’.

On Wednesday, NY Daily News columnist S.E. Cupp penned a piece urging the First Lady to “set an example for all the young women in America” and become the first First Lady to divorce a sitting President.”  Not only would that set an example for young women, but it would teach every disgusting, porn star screwing, NO CONDOM WEARING, piece-of-shit that he can not get away with being a Trump-dick.

So why doesn’t Melania just leave????

Not to minimize the Marches for gun control or immigration but if someone wants to organize a March to support Melania leaving Trump…I AM. SO. IN!!!!

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  1. Why doesn’t melania trump leave CRAZY donald. Does anybody out there with any brains really believe that Mrs. M. Trump, that No Class, Gold Digging White House Trash would willing give up her “free”? ride on the Trump Billion Dollar Gravy Train.

  2. I understand power couples. Hillary should have left Bill just as Melanie should leave Donald. Where is there dignity. What do this say to young women?

  3. It is already evident Melania isn’t in love with Donald Trump. Who could be in love with a man that has no respect for women or other people beyond himself. At the end of our lifetime, we take nothing with us and only leave behind what we have done for others. If I were Melania, I would have divorced him after hearing his women degrading comments to his buddies in the bus. His disrespectful attitude is not acceptable. Grow up Mr. Trump!

  4. So what they sleep I different bedrooms , President Trump might snore
    and keeps her up plus maybe people wake him up for important things to do
    and the President doesn’t want to wake his wife up. she needs her beauty rest I think she loves him The media will do anything to say bad things about the

    • Trump doesn’t do important things at night or any other time of day either. He’s too busy hate tweeting, golfing, insulting brown people, making disparaging remarks about an American hero, meeting up with women that are not named Melania, & grabbing women by their lady bits. He doesn’t care about disturbing her at night, he only cares about himself. Wake up and smell the covfefe. She doesn’t sleep with him because she can’t stand to be in the same room with him. He shows his disrespect everyday. I’ve seen him reach for her hand repeatedly until he literally forces her to hold his hand back. Melania could recover from surgery at the White House being waited on hand & foot but she went to her parents instead. That speaks volumes.She’s biding her time until her parents are legal citizens. He enjoys enacting revenge on those that don’t do his bidding. The media doesn’t have to look hard at all to say negative things. They show his rallies. The hate speech is all trump’s words. Our most powerful political families do not want him at our important National funerals he’s such an embarrassment. It’s not the media’s fault. They just report it. You only need to look at the words & actions of that petty little pig man & you’ll know why Melania’s heading for the hills as soon as it’s safe for her parents & son.

  5. I am so happy that Finaly Melania is thinking about divorcing this animal. MElania, you are a very nice decent young lady, I don,t know how this guy convinced you to marry him ? As He is such a disgusting, nasty ugly old man with a big mouth. the only thing He has to show is dirty money, that it is his God. as the Bible said money is Ivel, and it is easy for a Camel to go thru the eye of a nilon than a rich man enter the Kigmdom of Heaven.

  6. Melania’s parents are seeking to become US citizens. With all the Repugnant’s pending changes to immigration, I bet she’s waiting until the Orange-Asshole has greased the skids for them. Or he could be using their immigration status as leverage to prevent her from embarrassing him with a divorce. With what he has done to shame me, I wouldn’t care what he held over my head. But she only married him as a last resort when she was on her way out of the U.S. And she’s making a fortune on the side as it is. Poor Melania!


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