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Not since the days of Louis VI and Marie Antoinette has a ruling couple had such a not-give-a-damn attitude about the ostentatious squandering of money while other people in the realm literally go hungry for want of a piece of bread. Donald Trump has had more vacations than another other president in history at this time in his *residency and Melania has blown more taxpayer money in a single day’s airfare than most people earn all year.

Marie Antoinette’s famous line was “Let them eat cake,” which showed how oblivious she was to the circumstances around her, but last Friday Melania topped her when she responded to a request to attend a fundraiser by sending her portrait instead, giving a new spin to the term “noblesse oblige.” New York Times:

Attendees at a safari-themed fund-raiser held at the resort on Friday had hoped for an impromptu visit by the first lady, but were told Mrs. Trump had left just before the event began. In her stead, guests had to be satisfied with a giant portrait of the first lady, which failed to quickly sell at auction. (A portrait of Mr. Trump sold for $17,500.)

“She had to leave just as we were starting,” said Terry Bomar, the event’s organizer. “The Secret Service made everybody stand inside as she was coming out.”

The roughly two-hour trip from Joint Base Andrews to Palm Beach International Airport cost $16,168 per hour, which means that the first lady’s short trip aboard a C-32A plane cost taxpayers around $64,600, according to figures kept by the Department of Defense.

Fans of Melania will be happy to learn that she “is expected to surface” according to the New York Times for the first time since the Stormy Daniels scandal broke. She will attend the State of the Union, or “Uniom” or perhaps “Onion” would be more appropriate — in any event, Trump’s Tuesday night speech. Melania will sit in a box seat, with guests that have been chosen to illustrate Trump’s platform, namely a few recipients of tax cuts and families of victims of MS-13, a gang of purported illegal immigrants who Trump has sworn to destroy.

Nobody knows who is writing Trump’s State of the Union address, although Stephen Miller is an odds on favorite and it will remain to be seen whether Trump stays on script or lets the voices in his head take the floor.

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