Melania is getting trounced on Twitter, once again, due to yet another vintage tone deaf moment. It’s not as bad as “I Really Don’t Care, Do U,” nothing could be. And it hasn’t quite gotten to the level of “let them eat cake” but we’re getting there. No, Melania is doing a photo op on her pet project, renovating the White House tennis pavilion while Washington burns — more or less. Oblivious.

Earth to Melania: Regular people are worried about the stock market plunging, because even if they don’t have money in it, they know it’s a sign of hard economic times to come and they’re already there. Regular people are concerned about the death toll from the coronavirus mounting, while there’s yet another delay in the promised 2,500 testing kits going out — and now they find out they’re going to have to pay for testing. Ordinary folks are in no position to climb into the bubble world you and hubby exist in, we’re forced to live in the real one.

And so it goes. Melania is not going to go down in the history books as particularly loved, any more than hubby will. It’s a shame that all of Trump’s money can’t be used to buy a clue. If Melania was on the Titantic, she’d be doing a photo op on recovering the deck chairs and thinking nothing of it. She’s one of the ones guaranteed a life boat. For the rest of us? Glub glub. Yet we’re not supposed to get upset over this idiocy.

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  1. I hope she didn’t catch COVID-19 any of the people working on the project. Well maybe not. If she has been exposed, maybe she can infect sTrumpet! On second thought, maybe she can infect sTrumpet and his cabinet. How does that sound?

  2. Oh goody. I’m paying for a tennis court I’ll never get to use-How wonderful. Did you know that there’s a deadly disease spreading through the country & your idiot husband bungled the government response? I thought that useless wall I’m also paying for was supposed to protect us from invaders-what gives?


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