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In the alternate universe of the Trump era in which we live, even a simple holiday like Halloween becomes a hot bed of controversy.


Melania Trump and the president will hand out cookies baked by the White House pastry kitchen and “Presidential M&M’s,” among other candies to trick-or-treaters. Items banned from the event include toy weapons of any kind, electric stun guns, balloons and selfie sticks.

Last Halloween, then-President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama welcomed more than 4,000 people mostly from 15 Washington-area elementary schools and military families to an Alice in Wonderland themed celebration with teacups and rabbits, and danced to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

There are two schools of thought on this. One school of thought is that the people who responded with hostility to Melania hanging a few cobwebs are “haters” and “suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome” and should “seek professional help.” Those ideas are also stated in the twitter threads. The other school of thought is that the people tweeting are representative of the majority of disillusioned and disgusted Americans and the Halloween fest will be nothing more than another contrived and phony photo op by the shallow, useless people who currently occupy the White House — and we’re sick of it.

Be all that as it may, the truth is that we are in the holiday cycle now and we will be watching whatever performance the Trump family puts on stage, downwind from the background of the FBI investigating the corruption and collusion of the entire administration. Mueller is in the process of upstaging this farce and we’ll have a very different show on the road soon, one with a lot of recasting. Stay tuned.

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