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It’s not new information that the bar has been set considerably lower for the Trump administration, to the point where the bar is now somewhere near the molten core of the earth. A new poll shows the entire family as having under a 50% approval rating, but Melania is on top at 48% while Jared is dead last with 25%. Newsweek:

Melania Trump has become the most likable member of the Trump family, with 48 percent viewing her favorably, according to an Economist/YouGov poll conducted from January 14 to 16. The second most popular was the president, with 43 percent viewing him favorably, followed by Ivanka Trump with 41 percent, his eldest son Donald Trump Jr. with 36 percent and fellow son Eric Trump with 32 percent. Ivanka’s husband, and fellow White House senior adviser, Jared Kushner, finished bottom of the pile with just a 25 percent favorability rating.

“At the start of the Trump Presidency, Mrs. Trump and the President’s daughter Ivanka were equally popular,” the poll report states. “Now Americans are as likely to have a negative view of the First Daughter as a positive one, but they remain favorable towards Mrs. Trump.”

Still, Melania Trump is not as highly regarded as her predecessor. One year into her time in the White House, Michelle Obama had a 57 percent favorability rating, nine points above where the current first lady stands. Like Trump, Obama was more popular than her spouse, former President Barack Obama.


Apparently in Trump World less is more. Jared took on a portfolio which included revamping the federal government, bringing peace to the middle east and solving the opioid crisis, when he’s not even capable of making the mortgage on his own building. As long as Melania confines herself to a few photo ops and tweets, she should easily be able to maintain the distinction of Most Popular Trump  for whatever that’s worth. 

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