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Tuesday was the first anniversary of Melania Trump’s “Be Best” initiative, aimed at helping children avoid opioids, online bullying, and overall well being. It was also the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s “zero-tolerance” family separation policy, which resulted in thousands of children being separated from their parents at the southern border and put in cages. To say that there is some cognitive dissonance in the Trump family with respect to children, not to mention bullying, is putting it mildly.

That wasn’t the only aspect of the Be Best gathering that raised a few eyebrows. Former Fox News host Eric Bolling was there to speak. Bolling’s son died from an accidental overdose of drugs, so arguably Bolling was a qualified speaker — except for the fact that he was discharged at Fox News for being a cyber bully, who harassed female co-workers with pictures of his genitalia. So a known cyber bully was asked to speak at an event dedicated to the eradication of cyber bullying? If I was Robby the Robot, my circuits would be frying right now.

Bolling was also there to give good sound bite. Melania has achieved royal status, like Lady Di, at least to listen to Bolling. The Guardian:

In a heartfelt speech, Bolling praised “Lady M’s” effort to raise awareness of the opioid epidemic by speaking at events around the country.

“You’ve helped lift the stigma, which will lift countless lives going forward,” he said. “When the history books are written, there should be a special chapter reserved for our first lady.”

He added: “Many first ladies have focused on making American life better and they have, but you, First Lady Melania Trump, have gone one step further and saved lives … The most important and accomplished first lady in American history. Full stop.”

“The most important and accomplished first lady in American history. Full stop.” Sounds like Sean Spicer’s “largest inauguration audience in history. Period.” doesn’t it? Okay. So everybody from Dolly Madison to Eleanor Roosevelt has now dropped a peg. And Jackie Kennedy, who never ran second to anybody in her life, is now second to Melania. Right. Jackie Kennedy was fluent in Spanish, French and Italian and spoke these languages publicly and often. She was educated at the Sorbonne, and famously translated French for husband Jack and then-French president Charles de Gaulle, shortly before Kennedy was killed. Melania ostensibly is also fluent in French, Italian and German, in addition to English and her native Slovenian. Has she ever spoken in any of these languages, to any world leaders, ever? I daresay it would have been a great selling point with the likes of Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and the Pope, just to name a few. Anybody ever see this? No, and you won’t, because it’s a lie, like everything else in Trumpworld.

Here’s a little more cognitive dissonance:

“While in Africa, I felt it was important that people throughout the continent and world understand that the United States cares,” she said.

The president’s lack of interest in African nations, which he once reportedly referred to as “shithole countries”, has been widely noted.

John Kelly remarked about Jarvanka that they were “playing government.” Melania comes out now and again to play First Lady, then disappears back into the shadows. And Trump’s efforts at playing a United States president are woefully inadequate and hopefully short lived. Won’t it be nice to see a real first family back in the White House and this amateur cast sent back to the community theater of Hell — or wherever they came from?


    • I can understand your feeling, but I won’t say about about any immigrant, even her. That’s the other side talking, not ours.


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