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Travel expense abuse is rampant in Trump World. Tom Price was forced to resign after spending $1Million in a few months, and Steven Mnuchin has come under fire for frivolously taking a military flight to look at an eclipse. Speaking of eclipses, Melania’s travel expenses have so far eclipsed that of Michelle Obama and other First Ladies, and her travel expenses are on top of all the security expenses of $1Million a day to keep herself and Barron safe in New York City for the five months before they moved to Washington. Take a look at the bill the taxpayers are footing. Wall Street Journal:

To accommodate Mrs. Trump, 27 flights were made without passengers while jets flew back and forth to Trump family residences in New York and Palm Beach, and then back to Joint Base Andrews, the records released to the Journal show.

Most of the Air Force trips by Mrs. Trump were on a C-37A or C-37B, the military equivalents of the commercial Gulfstream V or Gulfstream 550, the military records show. Those jets cost $10,075 an hour to fly, according to the Defense Department schedule of hourly rates.

Mrs. Trump’s most expensive trip cost $106,627, the records show. She took a C-32A, which is the equivalent of a Boeing 757 and costs about $16,000 an hour to fly, according to the rate schedule.

A number of these trips were frivolous ones where Melania went to Mar-a-Lago to meet with Donald for the weekend. Taxpayers should not be paying for the high rolling, Devil may care attitudes of the hyper wealthy. Let them pay their own outside the box transportation expenses. The taxpayers didn’t sign up for this level of abuse and the Trump administration is getting old. To add insult to injury, Trump regularly complained during the campaign about how much money the Obamas had spent on vacations. “They love to spend money,” he said. He ought to know. Get real, Donald, you and Melania have wildly outspent anything the Obamas ever did and it’s only January, 2018.

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