Screencapture / CBS News melania flotus hat...
Screencapture / CBS News

Since November it has been more and more transparent that our unpopular grifter-in-chief cannot help himself from trying to profiteer on his elected position. The past few days he has been wearing $40 USA hats that you can buy right now on his personal shopping page. On Tuesday, Donald and Melania Trump took their photo ops surveying the devastation surrounding Hurricane Harvey. One thing they were able to achieve with this photo shoot was that Trump Inc. has an upcoming fall line of FLOTUS gear! AOL’s Lifestyle page covered “Melania’s look:”

The former model definitely took a page from President Trump’s style book as he is often photographed wearing some of the hats sold on his personal website.

On Tuesday, President Trump donned a white hat with “USA” embroidered in black lettering. While the president’s hat is currently available on his website for $40, Melania’s “FLOTUS” hat has yet to hit the catalog.

“Took a page from President Trump’s style book?” 

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