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Actor Peter Fonda lost it over the child separation issue and asked Melania on twitter how she would like it if Barron was ripped from her arms? The Hill:


The tweet has since been deleted, and the actor apologized in a statement.

“I tweeted something highly inappropriate and vulgar about the president and his family in response to the devastating images I was seeing on television,” Fonda said. “Like many Americans, I am very impassioned and distraught over the situation with children separated from their families at the border, but I went way too far. It was wrong and I should not have done it. I immediately regretted it and sincerely apologize to the family for what I said and any hurt my words have caused.”

Fonda, the “Easy Rider” star and younger brother of actress Jane Fonda, also called for protesters to surround Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents while they’re picking up their children from school.

Fonda isn’t necessarily wrong in his sentiment, but he is in violation of a rule that the young children of presidents are off limits, no matter what the discussion.

Maybe the better course of action would have been for Melania, who supposedly has chosen helping children as her mission while in the White House, instead of calling the Secret Service, to see what she could do about reuniting the children already torn from their parents and shipped off to detention centers all over the country. Right now there is no plan in place whatsoever to help those parents and children. They just have to live with the trauma.

it’s anyone’s guess what happens to those kids now, some as young as three months old. Foster care, adoption, whatever — Trump doesn’t care. After signing his Executive Order he flew to a campaign rally in Minnesota, to spew the same old drivel. He did come up with a new line, “Americans bleed red, white and blue.” Whatever the hell that means. He’s already ruined the lives of tens of thousands of people and who knows how many more to come with this only slightly modified policy which he implemented today. They had a word for this back when the Nazis were doing the same things to the Jews. It was “genocide.”

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  1. Three cheers for Peter Fonda. All he did was openly speak the secret thoughts of thousands of Americans about the White Hose WORTHLESS WORM, his White House WHORE & their Spawn.

    • You’ll get no argument here, but we are supposed to keep the discourse civil on this site — which, in a day and age when peoples’ lives are being destroyed, children wrenched from parents and sent hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away in a strange land, is pretty damn hard to do.

      • Keep the discourse civil? Yes, of course we will, The Trump PIT will continue to kidnap babies and children from their murderous parents, they will continue to rip apart our country’s traditional allies, Trump himself will continue to move closer and closer to the worlds murdering despot rulers, while ripping apart the moral and democratic principles of this country, all the while lining his and his family’s pocket, The GOP will continue to do NOTHING because oh god forbid, Our Great Leader might yell at us, HIS children, you remember, the ones who are in high level WH positions ABSOLUTELY unqualified to do anything other than to learn the art of political grifting, yes them. As for the First Vampire Woman, pffffft can’t she just stay in the back room, or go back to Slovenia? She’ll still get her cut. So, Yes Yes please folks let’s keep it civil, it’s not like history is repeating itself and we are the 2nd coming of the Third Reich!

        • I appreciate your views, believe me, and I agree. It’s almost ridiculous to suggest that civility could be an issue in this day and age when what you say is happening is in fact happening. BTW, the New York Times published an article on how lack of civility is a big problem in this country. HA! I wish that was our only problem!

          Vigilance is the price of liberty, now more than ever. We need to keep an eye on all this and take appropriate action. The most appropriate action we can take is to vote these bums out of office.

  2. I made the same statement on the DailyKos website and was admonished and i lost the right to comment. It was meant as snark, but……

    • Did somebody post on this topic on Daily Kos? I did not. Normally I cross post everything, here, there, and PolitiZoom, but I have to tread lightly when it comes to Melania pieces. There’s a policy in effect that you don’t go after the wives or kids and the part about kids makes sense — although the irony is not lost on me: It’s okay for Trump to ruin childrens’ lives but it’s not okay to comment about what he would do if he was in the position where somebody was ruining his or his wife’s life. That’s all Peter Fonda was trying to say.

      • “It’s okay for Trump to ruin childrens’ lives but it’s not okay to comment about what he would do if he was in the position where somebody was ruining his or his wife’s life. That’s all Peter Fonda was trying to say.”
        That is all i was trying to say. I would NEVER be serious about confiscating any child from any parent, EVER! I was just trying to show the utter hypocrisy of this “president”. Oh well, what is past is past.

        • If it makes you feel any better, I have also been reprimanded at Daily Kos. I was timed out for three days once and I had some comments hidden when I got into a flame war in a thread and was telling a couple of people to drop dead in a mocking way. I use mockery as a tool of communication whenever applicable. Truly, I’m not sure where the line is drawn over there, so I try to err on the side of caution any more.


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