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A few days ago I wrote a piece questioning whether Melania was trolling Trump, citing all the subtle digs of her wearing a pussybow blouse to the first debate, immediately following the Access Hollywood tape release, to her short lived plan to go after cyberbullies on the internet, when she’s married to the biggest cyberbully of them all. As of yesterday, all bets are off. Melania is absolutely trolling Trump. Last night she didn’t even go to the State of the Union address in the same car with him. She interestingly wore a white pantsuit, which was a favorite staple of Hillary Clinton’s campaign wardrobe, meant to identify with the suffragette movement women who always wore white. Also, female Democratic Senators who protested Trump’s election last year wore white as well, so Melania’s choice of costume could not have been more resoundingly symbolic than it was. 

Finally, when the entire hall was constantly jumping to its feet to give Trump a standing ovation, Melania remained seated, most notably on Trump’s line, “faith and family is the center of American life.” 

Fast forward to 2:01 to see Melania sitting stony faced while others around her stand and cheer. 

There is a play within the play going on in the White House and it promises to be the most entertaining of all. Stay tuned. 

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