The video is by James Killen and titled, Former Conservative issues URGENT MESSAGE to Young Conservatives.

It’s the kind of direct confrontation of right wing nonsense that is extremely necessary right now. It’s worth a watch, a recommend, and a forward to every Conservative you know. For those who can’t see the video right now, there are some excerpts below.

“What I realize now and what I hope you realize long before I did is the fight you think you’re having is manufactured. It isn’t real. You’ve been fed lies about our nation’s history, our fiscal and monetary system, our education system, and our economic system. That’s the reason people on the left don’t make any sense to you, it’s because you aren’t arguing with the same foundation of facts. You have been indoctrinated to believe America is something that it isn’t.”

“The narrative you’ve been fed your whole life is just that, it’s a narrative, and it isn’t true. Despite what charlatans like Glenn Beck and Hannity and Shapiro and Levin have told you for years if not decades, you aren’t in competition with your neighbors for scarce resources. If we are going to continue to thrive as a country, hell, as a species, we need to start working together and throw out this whole rugged individualism that might have been a badge of honor in 1815, but today it just looks selfish and unnecessary.”

“Employers don’t want minimum wage to rise because that cuts into their golden parachute. If minimum wage had kept up with worker productivity, minimum wage would be $27.00 per hour right now.”

“Now I hate to burst your bubble Conservatives, but you’re fighting against your own best interests and the best interests of 320 million Americans in order to protect the accumulated wealth of a few million Americans who not only don’t give two shits about you, they’re going to be fine whether you prosper or not. Now let that sink in the next time you enter a voting booth and think you’re saving America from the commies, cause you’re not.”

The whole video is 8:48, so there’s plenty more to see including points about:  

 — Other countries are not trying to destroy America because they need our economy.

 — The government is comprised of people “like us.”

 — American Conservatism is grounded in fear.

Edit: I made a comment below that should probably also go here…

I think that any single piece of information like this has a low probability of getting through to anyone who isn’t already on or near the fence. But this stuff can accumulate, and if enough people start pushing it enough times in enough places, some people are going to respond.

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