This powerful new ad by Meidas Touch has a different twist than those that have preceded it. It aims its fire squarely at the Republican party and its enablers in right-wing media. It does not mention trump, although his image flashes by in the video.

It starts with images of terrorist organizations around the world, transitions to terrorism in the America over the years and then focuses on the insurrection of Jan 6 and its instigators. It compares Republicans leaders and right-wing media personalities to terrorist leaders, militant preachers and radical clerics. It uses phrases like “the radicalized Republican Party” and “the twisted people on TV who speak for them.”

The ad is aimed at Republicans, at least the Republicans it can reach and those who will listen. It appeals to Republicans to reject the party, resign from it, reject what they have become and stop voting for it. It is not an ad against one Republican personality or one candidate, it is an ad against the entire party.

It appeals to the grown ups among republican voters by implying that some of the young ones are “lonely, alienated, sad, angry and confused.”


YouTube link.

Here is the transcript of the video –

The lonely. The alienated. The sad, and the angry. In every country torn by strife, violence, and hardship, men and women are drawn to extremist leaders promising to take on the enemies of their people. In America, some of our lost souls respond in a similar way to the call of influential voices. But instead of militant preachers or radical clerics, every single night in America, they can listen to our own angry advocates of division and conspiracy.

Confused, angry people hear the call of those voices, and take on the camouflage of warriors to threaten and even kill civilians. The radicalized Republican Party and the twisted people on TV who speak for them use the very same language of intolerance and rage to provoke those alienated people, actively pouring kerosene on the fire of social unrest. And until we all reject these poisonous voices, the result will inevitably be escalating violence and tragedy.

Resign from the Republican Party. Reject what they have become.

Of course the call to “resign” from the GOP also means to stop voting for it and its candidates.

There are a few positive responses to the ad, from republicans; can’t tell how authentic they are.




Here is an insightful article from the Washington Post about how the “lonely, alienated, sad, angry and confused” get recruited and radicalized.


The far-right groups that blossomed during Donald Trump’s presidency — including white supremacists, self-styled militias and purveyors of anti-government conspiracy theories — have created enduring communities by soft-pedaling their political goals and focusing on entertaining potential recruits with the tools of pop culture, according to current and former members of the groups and those who study the new extremism.

They approach young people on gaming platforms, luring them into private rooms with memes that start out as edgy humor and gradually grow overtly racist. They literally sell their ideas, commodifying their slogans and actions as live streams, T-shirts and coffee mugs. They insinuate themselves into chats, offering open ears and warm friendship to people who are talking online about being lonely, depressed or chronically ill.

The pathways into the kind of extremism that led to the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol, threats against lawmakers and last year’s armed confrontations at state capitals nationwide are often initially anything but ideological.

What the various strands of the far right have in common is the ability to give some Americans a sense of community.

One may argue that appealing to Republicans in an ad from a progressive organization is pointless, since Republicans are not the ones who will watch this video. But hopefully, it will reach out to a few Independents and Republicans who keep an eye on such things and from there spread to friends and families. Let’s do that ourselves and spread this video and its message, far and wide. There is no magic bullet to stop the Republican party from sliding into full-scale radical fascism, but every little bit that influences public opinion helps.

What do you think?

P.S. I think they should make a similar ad against vaccine disinformation.

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