Megyn McCain is happy to tell you that she recognizes that Donald Trump acts like a dictator. She just doesn’t see the problem in quite the way most people might expect. Technically, Megyn’s answer is that the Democrats haven’t come up with a message “strong enough to stop Trump, yet.”

McCain and Behar got into it a bit on The View regarding the latest issue of Time magazine, the cover of which, portrays Trump looking in the mirror and seeing a king.

First, Megyn warns us to not “delude ourselves as to how popular he is. She demonstrates a conservative characteristic, assuming that liberals act like conservatives in seeking out facts that fit our preferred end, that libs do not know that Trump is very popular among Republicans, running at 87% approval ratings. Hey, Meg, we know he’s the bomb with Republicans, that’s why he’s feeling so “fascistastic” lately.

Next, McCain acknowledged that Trump has acted like a dictator, but it didn’t bother her because all these fascist tactics are not cutting into his base, and it’s really on the Democrats to do something about it anyway:

“If you’re this scared, if you’re up all night and can’t sleep, you’re up all night,” McCain said, “and we’re in the seventh circle of hell under the Trump presidency, if I were a Democrat right now, I would be coming up with different ways to start communicating with the middle of the country, which as far as I can see, you are not.

Sorry, Megyn.

I’m done trying to talk “middle of the country” – because I live here in blood red Mississippi (for now) and I don’t want to talk to the people here about politics. Why would I want to talk to someone who sees me as the enemy? What would I have to discuss with someone who would rather support a child-rapist to the U.S. Senate over me, simply because I’m a democrat? What would I have to converse about with a person who is okay with a Russian agent in the White House (“if it turns out to be true,” he’d say) because the alternative is a Democrat, like me, and that’s worse.

Excuse me, Megyn but I’m having a bit of a day, still hurting from the Bourdain news, seeing Trump treat our allies like shit, but you seem to have things reversed 180 degrees, not just in logic (we don’t worry about fascist dictators when they have good ratings), but also in whom needs to speak to whom.

The way I see it, your Republican gig is up, which is why McConnell is going for broke, Ryan, Flake, and several others are getting out now. Come November, it won’t matter if Trump’s ratings are approaching 50 (they’ll never be above 50), the Democrats will re-take the House, and even if it is just by one seat, that changes everything, that means public hearings, real investigations, subpoenas that must be answered.

Your man lost by 3 million votes, and he’s about to exposed. He can fire Mueller, he can pardon himself, and declare himself president for life, but what he can’t do is suppress the information that will be coming out just as soon as Mueller releases it, one way or another. When a president acts like a dictator and is exposed as a corrupt one, at that, those ratings you are so proud of will start to slip. Because, Megyn, honey, your side lives in fantasy land, and everything is great in fantasy-land where everyone knows the bad guys, Obama, Clinton, and the good Trump – alone. And yet fantasy isn’t reality, and some of Mueller’s evidence will be incontrovertible, some will be on tape (remember those?), and the cries of hoax will look increasingly desperate, deranged, and the “13 Angry Democrats” will go back to being a team under a life-long Republican

But, let’s all stand back and take note that the very Republican idea on display, that governing under fascist principles, “dictating” one’s power personally, rather than have it spring from a constitution, it is all okay, so long as the approval ratings remain high. How very conservative. We have long known that “when fascism came to Amerika it would be carrying a cross, waving a flag, bowing to thunderous applause, from a gigantic GOP rally. McCain assures us that support is as strong as ever.


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