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This “normal looking American” — with his adorable daughter by his side — doesn’t exist.

Except in cyberspace, as a sock-puppet account with an Agenda, to promote and circulate links to the promised “Dirt on Hillary — to other unsuspecting, actual real-life voting Americans.

As reported by the New York Times today (and later further explained by Rachel Maddow) …

Mr. Redick has a red-hot “breaking news” story for you to check out:

“It’s really interesting!”

Meet Melvin Redick and his daughter, from Harrisburg, Pa — would a guy like this lie?

Meet Melvin Redick from Pennsylvania. Only one problem: “On Facebook and Twitter, Russian fingerprints are on hundreds or thousands of fake accounts that posted anti-Hillary Clinton messages.”

NYTimes goes on to explain precisely ‘what is wrong’ with this Picture:

  1. Neither Central High School nor Indiana University of Pennsylvania has any record of Mr. Redick attending.
  2. According to his profile, Mr. Redick was born and raised in Pennsylvania, but one image shows him seated in a restaurant in Brazil, and another shows a Brazilian-style electrical outlet in his daughter’s bedroom.
  3. Mr. Redick’s posts were never of a personal nature. He shared only news articles reflecting a pro-Russian worldview.

Basically as explained by Maddow, the Russian-based “Troll Farm” borrowed the photos from an unsuspecting family, somewhere in Brazil, when they created this “fake” Facebook Account. Facebook has recently deleted the account “after not being able to verify its authenticity.”

That’s not all as NYTimes’ Scott Shane, further explains:

On Twitter, meanwhile, hundreds of accounts were busy posting anti-Clinton messages and promoting the leaked material obtained by Russian hackers. Investigators for FireEye spent months reviewing Twitter accounts associated with certain online personas, posing as activists, that seemed to show the Russian hand: DCLeaks, Guccifer 2.0, Anonymous Poland and several others. FireEye concluded that they were associated with one another and with Russian hacking groups, including APT28 or Fancy Bear, which American intelligence blames for the hacking and leaking of Democratic emails.


The researchers discovered long lists of bot accounts that sent out identical messages within seconds or minutes of one another, firing in alphabetical order. The researchers coined the term “warlist” for them. On Election Day, one such list cited leaks from Anonymous Poland in more than 1,700 tweets. Snippets of them provide a sample of the sequence:

@edanur01 #WarAgainstDemocrats 17:54

@efekinoks #WarAgainstDemocrats 17:54

@elyashayk #WarAgainstDemocrats 17:54

@emrecanbalc #WarAgainstDemocrats 17:55

@emrullahtac #WarAgainstDemocrats 17:55

This is cyber-warfare.

And it is long past time that the American People wake up about it.

Read the NYTimes Report about this illegal activity.

And learn more about how these automated bots, posing as real people, are targeting YOU,  through your data/news streams, through the mirco-targeting and data-mining techniques, being exploited by companies like Cambridge Analytica.

Just posted, from tonight’s broadcast:

The Rachel Maddow Show 9/7/17

Russia still honing fake social media tactics Duration: 9:03

Lee Foster, researcher with the FireEye cyber security firm, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Russians are developing their ability to spread propaganda through fake social media accounts.


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