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Politico has the article up free for all to read.

The Biden administration and the House have reached an accommodation with the former White house counsel Don McGahn to testify before the House Judiciary committee. This has been in continuous litigation and a hearing had been scheduled for next Wednesday however this agreement may end that and the article is based on court filings.

“The House Judiciary Committee and the Biden administration have struck “an agreement in principle” to resolve a two-year-old fight over a subpoena for testimony from Don McGahn, a former White House counsel to President Donald Trump, lawyers said in a court filing on Tuesday evening.”

“Trump has not signed off on the deal, however, according to the status report submitted to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. The former president could try to take legal action to block any testimony from McGahn, but the filing from the House and the Justice Department — now under the control of appointees of President Joe Biden — seems to try to head off such a move by noting pointedly that Trump “is not a party to this case.”

Of course dt certainly will try and stop the testimony but I am beginning to wonder if just maybe Republicans with the “audits” and the Cheney matter may have reached the end of McGahns rope?

The article believes that dt is evaluating his options. No way is this good news for dt.

Politico article

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