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Once again, Mitch “Sonuvabitch” McConnell has threatened to violate his oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.  Regarding the current government shutdown, McConnell said he will not bring up any measure that does not have the president’s support. If the new democrat-controlled House sends over any measures to re-open the government, McConnell’s deputy chief of staff, Don Stewart, said, “It’s simple. The Senate is not going to send something to the president that he won’t sign.”

So in other words, McConnell’s obsequious subservience to Trump and the party base negates the section of the Constitution in which the Senate is empowered to override a presidential veto.  Never mind that, his Senate will only consider what the President already deems acceptable.

McConnell’s most glaring previous violation of the Constitution was of course his absolute refusal to fulfill his duty to “advise and consent” on Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court by not even holding a hearing, let alone a vote, for the entire final year of Obama’s presidency because it was an election year.  Apparently McConnell added his own clause amending the Constitution in that regard, since that exception is not the version the framers wrote.

This abhorrent pustule of an excuse for a human being has proven once again that he lacks all sense of decency, fairness, integrity, honesty, or patriotism, but is only a lackey of his party base and his biased partisan desire to secure more tax cuts for the rich and republican donors, appoint ultraconservative judges, deny voting rights to non-whites and climate change, and screw the poor or working people of this country as much and as often as he can.  McConnell will exert more pernicious influence for a longer period of time than Trump, as he did before he became majority leader in the Senate using the filibuster to obstruct legislation an unprecedented number of times (even against one of his own bills.)  He is the worst, most dangerous man in America,

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  1. McConnell, like Trump, is a scourge on this country. He has to go; go somewhere far beyond where he can do more harm to others.

  2. It’s time to investigate and indict this POS. Let’s stop playing games with him. Make 2019 the worst year of his worthless life. And if of the GOP Senate want to go with him, that can be arranged.

  3. a perfect example of yet another ignorant old white man violating the Constitution and his Oath of office…how long are Americans going
    To put up with this?


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