McConnell Knows Damn Well the FBI Is Not Anti-Trump

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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Obama went to McConnell in early fall of 2016 to discuss the Russian involvement with Trump. Obama wanted to release a joint statement with McConnell regarding the Russian meddling, McConnell refused.

What McConnell did NOT do is complain about the FBI surveilling the Trump campaign. McConnell had SEEN the intelligence and knew damn well that good cause existed to put the Trump campaign under a microscope.

McConnell did however make much hay out of the FBI’s never-ending hunt through Hillary’s emails, and even when Comey re-opened the email investigation 9 days prior to the election, McConnell would not allow Obama to alert the nation to the Russian manipulation.

The ultimate answer to your RW Facebook Uncle wanting Obama arrested for “spying” on the Trump campaign: “But, if the intention was to ruin Trump, why did they not ruin Trump by releasing the information that he was working alongside the Russians? None of it came out.”

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