GOP House leader McCarthy pulled a last minute stunt by offering a privileged resolution that condemned Speaker Pelosi and demanded that she reappoint the original gang of five to the Jan. 6 committee.


Moments ago, as expected, the House voted 218-197, largely along party lines, to kill the privileged resolution; Cheney and Kinzinger voted Yes with all Democrats.


The GOP is a joke, a dangerous one at that.


Now McCarthy and others can go back to whining to their base about kick-ass Pelosi and how she is so mean to them.

And juvenile name-calling –


Adam Kinzinger responds –


Liz Cheney calls it childish –


Let the hearings begin … tomorrow morning. Let them be afraid, very afraid … of the truth.

Here is what appears to be the GOP plan (if you may call it that) for the next few weeks —

  1. Blame the insurrection on Pelosi. And the FBI. Antifa. BLM. And Hillary.
  2. Call the COVID-19 vaccine the “trump vaccine” and blame Biden and immigrants for the unvaccinated masses of the republican stripe.
  3. Call the COVID-19 virus the “Fauci virus” and keep attacking him with CTs.
  4. Keep pushing for recounts and recounts of recounts in AZ, GA, PA, wherever.
  5. Keep filibustering in the Senate every bill including the upcoming infrastructure bill.
  6. Maneuver to shut down the government over the debt ceiling.
  7. Relentlessly push voter suppression and voter disfranchisement efforts.
  8. Keep sucking their supporters dry with incessant demands for donations.

What do you think? How should we counter these tactics to help protect our Democracy?

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