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After Donald Trump described London Mayor Sadiq Khan as a “stone cold loser” in yet another petulant tweet on Monday, the mayor hit back — if you can call dispassionately stating the glaringly obvious “hitting back.”

In a taped interview that may or may not have actually happened, depending on whether you accept consensus reality (that’s not a given these days), Khan said Trump was “not offended in the slightest” by Trump’s insult. Probably because when a baby pees in your face when you’re trying to change his diaper, you’re understandably startled, but you don’t really get mad at the baby. The baby can’t help it. The baby is just a marginally sentient slab of adipose brimming with pee.


“This is the sort of behavior I would expect from an 11-year-old,” Khan said. “But it’s for him to decide how he behaves. It’s not for me to respond in a like manner. I think it’s beneath me to do childish tweets and name-calling.”

Well, Trump’s tweets are beneath everyone — except for Trump, apparently.

But Khan was more concerned with Trump’s pernicious effect on the world at large than the things he tweets.

In the interview, Khan said Trump had amplified hard-right views and defended white supremacists. “I think it’s wrong to amplify the tweets form racists in this country as Donald Trump has done so. I think it wrong, by the way, to separate children from their parents on the border. I think it’s wrong to ban people from coming to your country because of the faith they belong to. I think it’s wrong to roll back the progress that’s been made on the reproductive rights of women or LGBT+ rights.”
But the mayor also struck more emollient tone, saying that people in the UK “cherish the special relationship” with the US, “love America and also respect American politicians.”

Well, the English are known for keeping a stiff upper lip. Me? I’ve just about chewed mine off by now.


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