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You know, I just don’t get it with Trump. Even a five year old knows that you try to take a pork chop bone away from a Doberman at your own risk, the growl alone makes them reconsider the wisdom of their action. I guess we’re about to find out whether or not Trump has cognitive sense when it comes to loud growls.

It appears that it was quite a morning on the Breitbart radio show. People were crawling out from under their rocks all over the country to express their opinion. Strange thing was, very few of them were expressing an opinion, pro or con, on the sudden departure of Sieg Heil Stevie. Nope, they had a much bigger fish to fry, the Orange Big Mouth Bass himself.

Breitbart listeners were mickle displeased with The Clueless Wonder. Specifically, they were righteously pissed at what they felt was his base betrayal of everything they stood for in his televised bottom flopping on immigration yesterday. At various points Trump appeared to be amenable not only to a clean DACA bill, permanently letting the DREAMERs to stay in the country, but also appeared to seriously consider the possibility of a path to citizenship in a comprehensive immigration bill.

Cast your mind back about 18 months. Trump’s biggest splash in his candidacy announcement was to call Mexicans murderers and rapists, and his solution was a big, beautiful wall, along with instant deportation, by tricycle if necessary. This was what attracted his early base to him so tightly, he spoke about little else, other than “sticking it to the man,” whom his supporters hate almost as much as Mexicans and Muslims.And now, it appears to them that he is handing them a free pass.midterms entirely. 

The outrage was universal from the base, and totally predictable. Callers stated that if he followed through on his rhetoric of yesterday, he would do more damage to himself than Robert Mueller could ever dream of doing. One person stated that immigration was the sole reason he voted for Trump, and he felt betrayed. Another swore that if Trump followed through on his conciliatory rhetoric towards minorities, his base would skip the 2-018 midterms entirely. Just what Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have been waiting to hear.

But now, if it’s packaged and presented properly, Trump may have just put his neck through a second political noose. The White House announced that Dumbleputz has accepted an invitation to appear at the Davos economic summit later this month. Never heard of the Davos Economic Summit? I have, in fact a Robert Ludlun spy thriller years ago featured an attempted assassination at the summit as the climax for the book. I believe it was The Ambler Warning.

All you really need to know about the Davos Summit is that Trump is the first US President to attend since Bill Clinton. The optics are deadly nightshade for an American politician. Think of the famed conspiracy nut vision of The Tri-Lateral Committee, the secret overlords of global economic dominance. Now, imagine them in real life, meeting in Switzerland in the middle of the winter. The Davos Summit features kings and other world monarchs, oil sheiks and rulers, global CEO’s, and the rest of the glittering uber rich, plotting together on how to fuck everybody else in the world out of the few remaining shekels they have in their pockets. This will be Trump’s first appearance at the summit, mainly because his piddly real estate ass has never been invited before. He just ain’t got the gelt apparently.

This summit represents everything that Trump supporters cannot tolerate. These people literally are “the man” that Trump promised to stick it to. Trump wants to isolate the US economically, the Davos attendees are meeting to slice up the international monetary pie. Trump promised to “drain the swamp.” Well, guess what? These people are all Cujo the Crocodile of the global monetary swamp.

If Trump actually attends, of course it will get extensive media coverage. And if the media portrays these people for what they are, global elite out to turn the rest of the planet into economic slaves, Trump is in trouble. Hell, even Breitbart will hammer on this, they hate these people almost as much as they hate minorities. If this turns out the way I think it will, Mexicans may not be the only problem that Trump has with his base when he gets back. Good times ahead.

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